We race to support students with significant support needs in St. Vrain Valley Schools. These students are highly diverse learners with extensive needs in the areas of cognition and/or learning, communication, movement and social/emotional abilities. The student may also have concurrent health, sensory, physical and/or behavioral disabilities. Here are a couple of examples of significant support needs grant projects funded through the Sunrise Stampede!


Amy Holle
Special Education Teacher
Niwot High School

The grant money was used to purchase gift cards to enable the Significant Support Needs class to go shopping in-person and learn life skills firsthand. I teach about healthy food and we practice shopping for fruits and vegetables, learning how to choose the right quantity for the right prices. I teach how to make meals and snacks independently and practice these skills for weeks until we get it right. Parents are amazed that their students can make their own food! Students look forward to our days of community-based instruction, and this is made possible in large part by the grant received from the Education Foundation. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for the funding the Education Foundation provides for the unique needs of my class!


Kim Cash
Special Education Teacher
Longmont High School

The Education Foundation provided a grant that allowed Longmont High School to purchase some adapted PE equipment. While students with Significant Support Needs have always been included in the PE classes at Longmont High it was a wish from the PE teachers that we had some specialized (over sized, lightweight, brightly colored) equipment to allow students great independence and success when playing with their peers. The grant enabled us to purchase a variety of equipment. Thank you to the Education Foundation for continuing to support students with special needs and allow us to have fully inclusive PE classes.


Elizabeth Goodrich
Special Education Teacher
Erie High School


Our grant money was used to purchase items to create learning “stations” with a particular focus on life skills and vocational skills. We created a office work station, laundry station, home repair station, recreation leisure station and measuring tools in the kitchen station.
The grant money was the impetus for us to create stations in order to instruct our students with hands-on learning opportunities. This hands-on learning is necessary in order to build independence in life skills and vocational skills.

Thank you to the for continuing to support students with special needs and to create valuable learning opportunities for them.

Racing to Support St. Vrain Students with Special Needs!